What we do

Integrating RFT and Skinnerian VB


We are developing the TARPA as an efficient, evidence-based tool for assessing and training early derived relational responding repertoires. We’re also working on series of handbooks for integrating RFT into your EIBI programs for children with autism. Volume 1 is now available from Hedgehog Publishers.


We currently offer coaching groups and individual supervision for BCBAs interested in integrating RFT into their existing programs, as well as workshops on teaching generative language.

Research & Development

We conduct and collaborate on research investigating applications of RFT to EIBI programs, as well as investigations of early DRR with typically developing children.

About VB3

The core collaborators on VB3 projects are Siri Ming, Ian Stewart, and John McElwee. We play well with others, and often collaborate on various projects separately or together with a host of other interesting professionals. We are interested in the intersection of Skinnerian verbal behavior with third wave behavior analysis –specifically synthesizing Skinnerian VB and Relational Frame Theory, as well as applications of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to working with children with autism and their families and service providers. Our business/organizational model is also very much third wave --we embrace open-source style collaboration and learning communities, we focus on flexibly working towards our values, and we thrive in the informal, chaotic, anytime/anywhere working environment that comes with the creative process (and multiple time zones!).

Who we are

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Siri Ming

Virtual Queen of Everything
Siri is the driving force behind VB3. Her vision is nothing less than to revolutionize educational programming for children with autism and their families by integrating RFT into EIBI programs. More about Siri’s work
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Ian Stewart

RFT Research Guru
Ian keeps us all focused on adding to the evidence base for our practice. He’s a lecturer at NUI Galway, a fellow of ACBS, and the author of several books and over 90 empirical articles on RFT and its applications. More about Ian
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John McElwee

Chief Operations Officer
With over 30 years of experience providing services to children with ASD and other developmental delays, and over a decade providing training on developing generative language programs, John keeps us grounded and focused on real-world application.

Latest News

New publications, conference presentations, and upcoming workshops